How to deny a user to open a folder in Windows XP?

In Windows XP, there is no chance to protect files and folders by using passwords. But we can control the access of drives and folders by other users. For this you should use NTFS file system. If your file system is not NTFS, you can convert your file system into NTFS by using following steps:
Start -> Run -> type cmd -> OK
Then type convert X: /FS:NTFS in Command Prompt window
(where X is the Drive letter of which drive is converted into NTFS)

After the changing of file system you should follow the steps below:
Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> View then uncheck the item
Use simple file sharing (Recommended)
after this task, right click a file or folder; go to
Properties -> Security

Here you can allow permission to a user or user group for accessing that file or folder means you can deny all other users to open that file or folder.
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