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Datawrkz, India’s fastest growing advertising technology provider, has its product Vizibl, a platform aimed at making programmatic advertising accessible to agencies and brands of all sizes. Datawrkz is headquartered in Singapore with presence in India, US, Malaysia and Indonesia. The company specializes in identifying relevant audience in real time for advertisers. Its core team of analysts is skilled in sifting through data points in the tens of billions to identify opportunities to improve results for both advertisers and publishers.
Founded by Senthil Govindan, CEO and Anand Prakash, COO, Datawrkz is focused on identifying specific audiences in real time through their analytics prowess. The company works with advertisers and agencies to help achieve their online advertising goals. Their latest product, Vizibl, is exclusively designed to cater to the mid-market advertiser segment. Eric Schmidt, Google Boss had famously predicted back in 2011 that the display advertising industry will grow to the $200 billion range. The industry is still in the process of scaling up, but given the growth curves we see, and the fact that digital ad spending has surpassed TV advertising in the US, his enthusiasm is grounded in realism. To give you a sense of how large the display advertising space has become, the global estimate for 2016 is expected to hit $74.4 billion. The digital market space is expected to be worth more than $100 billion by 2020.

Datawrkz started their technology initiative back in October 2014 when they were still very young, had limited management bandwidth, and had not yet grown to the current scale. They strongly felt, however, that a different approach to the Demand Side Platform market was needed. The other core belief that Datawrkz had is that geographical location makes no difference to the quality of work in the online advertising space. This had been proven emphatically since inception. They have clients who have provided repeat business to them while consistently adding to the pool of both advertisers and publishers who see them as a trusted partner.

Assisting advertisers and publishers navigate their way through the programmatic and advertising technology space was the main focus of Datawrkz. Along the way, they realized the issues of scale that smaller clients face in getting access to the tools that their larger counterparts can easily tap, which led to their products Vizibl and lvlUP. Vizibl is focused towards mid-sized agencies, brands and media buyers, while lvlUP is a monetization and yield management platform for publishers. As an example, their Demand Side Platform, Vizibl, allows agencies to access cutting edge AdTech (advertising technology) in a Pay-As-You-Go model.

Datawrkz strongly believes that there is a bottom of the pyramid in the advertising market that is underserved. They have established both service and technology lines of business to address this segment, and are very bullish about their expansion in areas that are not considered attractive by other players in the market. The focus on this segment of the market has helped Datawrkz hone tech and processes to scale across a large number of smaller clients. Datawrkz’s core team of analysts are skilled in shifting through data points in the tens of billions to identify opportunities to improve results for both advertisers and publishers.

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