PSC English: Active & Passive Voice

Main Points:
  1. The object of the action in the Active Voice is made the subject in the Passive Voice.
    eg.He likes oranges (Active Voice)
    He – subject
    Likes – verb
    Oranges – object
    Passive Voice – Oranges are liked by him
  2. One of the form of auxiliary verb ‘to be’ (is, am, are, was, were, being, been) is used according to the object and the tense of the main verb in the Active Voice.
    Here – ‘are’
    Oranges are liked by him
  3. After the auxiliary, the Past Participle form of the main verb is used.
    Here – ‘liked’
    Oranges are liked by him
  4. The preposition ‘by’ is placed before the unit that was the subject of the verb in the active sentence.
    Oranges are liked by him
  5. Then the subject of the Active Voice is brought to the place of the object in the Passive Voice.
    Here – ‘him’
    Oranges are liked by him

    Some examples:

    Subjective Case/
    Nominative Case
    Objective Case
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