How to increase Website Traffic and Google Ranking?

Every webmaster in the web has one and only major target, i.e. increasing more traffic on their website. Almost every week Google, the search engine giant tweaks their search algorithm to give better search experience to their users and to give good ranking to the sites, who actually deserves it. So, here are some tips that how you can create traffic for your site:
Website Traffic
Write Good Content

Most bloggers writes almost 1 article in 2 days just to increase the number of article on their blog. This doesn’t work for the long run. Google gives preference to a blog which has less content but each of them are quality content rather than a site have huge content but users haven’t useful any of them. If you feel that you can write three or four articles in 2 or even 3 months then so be it, but make sure it worth reading.

Write article which have Future Valuation

If you are willing to get more traffic in an exponential rate, try to write article about something which will be static for a long period. I will suggest you to write posts about things which will be as fun to read after 3 – 4 years and this will keep getting good traffic in future too.

Interact with your Users

When any user post comments on your site, it became your responsibility to answer their questions and to interact with them as you interact with your Facebook friends. Try to answer your user’s query as soon as they post them. If you keep your readers happy then they will spread the good experience with their friends and will also suggest them to visit your site.

Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a really awesome tool for every webmaster to make your site get indexed easily by Google. Just login to Google Webmaster, add your site, verify it and add your sitemap. That’s all you need to do. Rest will be handled by Google. It will also show you message on your webmaster dashboard if google finds any potential problem with your site.

Engage yourself in Forums

One of the best ways to gain traffic towards your site is to engage into so popular forum and blogs of your same niche. Don’t do it for getting more and more backlinks, do it for interacting with people. Suggest them to visit your site if you have something similar to offer. But make sure if anyone land on your page, it is worth visiting the page, so write good quality content. If you can’t find any blog or forum of your niche, I will always suggest you to engage with the users of Yahoo Answer, a good place to help others and to get traffic. If you know the answer, just answer the question; also if you have something similar on your site, ask the user to view it for more.

Newsletter Subscription

Newsletter Subscription is one of the most important things to get returning users. Any user subscribe for newsletter when the approach is interesting and also he/she likes the website and its content. So, they want to keep in touch with your site. Don’t neglect them. The more subscribers you have the more returning visit you are going to get and your site is going to be popular.

Share your Posts over Social Networks

Most of the bloggers and webmasters share their site and posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even in LinkedIn. But from my own experience I’ve seen that the traffic which has the highest bounce rate are the traffic came from Facebook, twitter or Google+. Why? Well in this sites people click almost anything they see shared or posted by any person they knew, not even knowing whether that page or post is for their need. So when they land on those sites or posts, they just simply close or hit the back button. If you are thinking thing what is the way out, I will say try to utilize the social site most of the webmasters neglect, i.e. StumbleUpon and Reddit, this will increase your traffic over than you imagine.

Proper Technical Standards

This part is not about how you can get more traffic, beside what you have to do (technically) to shine as a well-developed site so that search engines and your users likes you and eventually generate more traffic for your site.

Site Load Time

This is a very essential thing in today’s search engine war. Almost every major search engine takes the Page Load Time and TTFB (Time to First Byte) into the account for ranking sites on the search engine. As per Google 4 seconds is the maximum time allowed to load a page. Generally if your page takes more than 3 secs to load, most of the users are going to click on the next search result. Try to develop your site such a way that it does not cause slows down to your site and your business. Here are some tips for making your website load faster.
  • Shift your JavaScripts to the footer section of your page.
  • Use only well compressed image on your page.
  • Use only the required size of image; don’t reduce it using HTML or CSS.
  • Use GZIP compressing for your webpage.
  • Use proper browser cache control for static files.
  • Use good CDNs like MaxCDN on your site to load it faster.
  • Try to use a simple, clean and minimalist design of your site.
  • Use jQuery LazyLoad, if you have a lot of pictures in your site.
Use Mobile Responsive Design

Almost 40% of the web traffics are came from mobile and tablets. So, having a non-responsive website is like saying this user’s goodbye forever. Because these users will never going to visit your site by doing pinch zoom. That era is gone, keep that in mind.

If you read this post carefully, I can assure you that it will help you to generate a lot of potential traffic for your website. As these all tips are completely legitimate, it might take some time to show the results. But always remember the key to good traffic and popularity is good and quality content.
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