Google Inbox – it’s for you or more accurately, it works for you.

Google's signature email program, Gmail first hit the Web in 2004. In its earliest days, it was a godsend to everyone who battled against a daily rush of messages. But email has once again become too onerous. There's too much mail and it performs too many functions in our lives. Email is a place for correspondence, for status alerts from social networks, online stores and for transferring and storing important documents.
Google Inbox
So the Gmail team decided to rethink email. In this season, Google introduced something new. It’s called Google Inbox, a totally new take on email App from Google, with tons of powerful features. Inbox introduces a new way of thinking about organizing and dealing with your emails. You get the freedom to compartmentalize every single message, or let them all flow into a single inbox. You can control when emails show up in your inbox, letting you save social updates from the end of the day, or get all of your important work emails when they come in.

The new App completely different type of inbox, designed to focus on what really matters, which integrates social and to-do list functionality with email. Credit Inbox also relies on Google's data-mining prowess to improve these highlights. For instance, instead of showing you a message from your airline about your flight, it shows you real-time information about that flight gathered from the web. When you click on the highlight, you can always see the underlying message, but if the software does its job well, you won't have to click on the message.

Finally, Inbox functions as a to-do list. You can create tasks and reminders that appear in your inbox alongside your messages. The tasks are super smart, pulling in relevant data to make them useful. Some of these features aren't completely novel. Inbox requires a series of gestures to navigate and sort your messages, a system that feels similar to that of Mailbox. It also automatically categorizes some of your email in a way that Gmail already do. If this all sounds familiar, then Inbox is for you. Or more accurately, Inbox works for you.

Google's Inbox is an invite only App, for more details visit Google Inbox website
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