Right way to win a job

Job sourcing, job selection and succeeding a job are always a crucial moments for an aspiring candidate. The long innings of educational career culminates in succeeding a job. In fact succeed a good job, a candidate’s winning formula depends 60% of his personal abilities and 40% on academic capabilities.
win a job
The element of job satisfaction is an integral component to lead a satisfying life. Awareness of oneself is an essential part for succeeding the right job. Self evaluation is the first step to attain self awareness. Developing and managing a career is a lifelong exercise. Understand yourself and decide what you want to be before you jump into the job fray.

The benefit of self evaluation goes beyond just choosing the right job. It can be the antidote to the uncertainty that often hits candidates when they succeed the first job which is an ordinary one. Many have a dilemma – should I take this offer or wait for a better one. By investing time in evaluating yourself; you know what suit you and you are more likely to make the right choice. It is really just finding out about you. The following will get you started.

What you are?
You keep an opinion about everything in the world but you have nothing to say about yourself! Does it happen? Then do something about it. Ask what you want to do in life? What makes you fulfilled? What drives you? What are your values and beliefs? What are your fears? etc.

What you can?
Identify your skill levels. Can you achieve results irrespective of time schedules? Can you share and stretch work if needed? Can you change roles? Clearly understand what you have been able to achieve.

What you have?
Your introduction includes your educational attainments. But that is only a starting point. A high level of knowledge is always appreciated. Your information pool should be renewed always.

Once you have succeeded in winning a right job well, further progress depends on what is the attitude that you carry. No doubt, positive attitude builds life.
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